Training & Communication Sub-Committee

Training & Communication Sub-Committee

Terms of reference

The objects of the Training and Communication Sub-Committee shall be to:

  • identify training needs on corporate governance matters and the Code, including preferred approach and target segments for training
  • link up with training institutions to service such needs in the form of formal seminars, training sessions, talk series, webinars, amongst others;
  • support the dissemination of awareness on corporate governance by leveraging on our network of partners and establishing collaboration with foreign organisations engaged in relevant corporate governance activities;
  • devise a communications plan to give greater visibility to the NCCG in the press and on social media;
  • regularly update the NCCG website; and  
  • establish an (internal) protocol for communications to the media.

[Approved at Board meeting of 08 October 2020]


List of members

  1. APPADOO Lakshmi
  2. JUWAHEER Kiran
  3. RAMDIN-CLARK Madhavi (Chairman)
  4. VENIS Nathalie