Objects and Functions of the NCCG

The objects of the NCCG, as set out in the Financial Reporting Act 2004, are as follows:

  • establish principles and practices of corporate governance
  • promote the highest standards of corporate governance
  • promote public awareness about corporate governance principles and practices
  • act as the national coordinating body responsible for all matters pertaining to corporate governance

The functions of the NCCG, as set out in The Financial Reporting Act 2004, are as follows:

  • assess the needs for corporate governance in the public and private sectors
  • organise and promote workshops, seminars and training in the field of corporate governance
  • issue the Code of Corporate Governance and guidelines; establish a mechanism for the periodic reassessment of the Code and guidelines;
  • provide assistance and guidance in respect of the adoption of good corporate governance;
  • establish links with regional and international institutions engaged in promoting corporate governance;
  • cooperate with the Financial Reporting Council and with any other person or institution in order to fulfil its objects;
  • set up the Mauritius Institute of Directors;
  • advise the Minister on any matter pertaining to corporate governance.

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