Members of the Committee

Raoul Gufflet



Raoul spent eleven years with PricewaterhouseCoopers holding various positions therein namely as Auditor, Corporate Finance Advisor and Management Consultant.  Since joining MCB Ltd in April 2004, he was the Head of International and shouldered various responsibilities, inter alia, relating to the oversight of the Group’s foreign banking subsidiaries, the management of international structured project and commodities trade finance activities, and the coordination of the correspondent banking relationships of MCB.

Raoul has since July 2015 directed the merger between the International and the domestic Corporate Banking divisions leading to the creation of the Corporate and Institutional Banking line of business, that he has been heading during the financial year in review while also bearing the hat of Deputy Chief Executive of the Bank.

Since May 2017, Raoul has been appointed full-time Deputy Chief Executive. He is a board member of several entities within the Group, namely Société Générale Moçambique, MCB Madagascar, MCB Seychelles and MCB Maldives amongst others.

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