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Mr. Navindsing Jugmohunsing is the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance and holds an MBA in Information Technology. He also holds a NCC International Diploma in Computer Studies, a Diploma in Personnel Management, a Diploma in Administration and Management and a Graduate Degree in Computer Science. He is a Registered Trainer in Software Development, Information Technology, a Facilitator in ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and is qualified in Internal Audit Techniques in MS ISO 9001:2000.

Mr. Navindsing Jugmohunsing’s wide experience in the civil service has provided him with the opportunity to perform in the following ministries and organisations:

  1. Registrar of Companies;
  2. Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security;
  3. Office of the President;
  4. Ministry of Tourism;
  5. Public Service Commission;
  6. Civil Aviation Department;
  7. Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation;
  8. Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology;
  9. Local Government Service Commission; and
  10. Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance.

Mr. Navindsing Jugmohunsing has also contributed as Board member or Director in the following institutions:

  1. Mauritius Society of Authors;
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre;
  3. Fashion and Design Institute;
  4. Mahatma Gandhi Institute;
  5. Mauritius Research and Innovation Council;
  6. National Computer Board;
  7. Mauritius Post Ltd;
  8. Mauritius Post Foreign Exchange Co Ltd; and
  9. Financial Services Institute Ltd.

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